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Privacy Policy


This policy covers information entered by children, young people and adults into the Viewpoint app for processing and storage. 

Personal Information Collected

The Viewpoint Organisation provides apps for the processing and storage of information online. Apps are customised for and managed by licenced organisations who are responsible for providing individuals with personal access information for the app. Before you enter any information, you are told which licensed organisation is managing the app and how the information will be used. You have a choice about whether to enter information.

Sometimes the licensed organisation associates demographic information about you with your personal access details, for example your gender, or ethnicity. This information does not identify you personally but helps the licensed organisation analyse information that is provided.

We do not use any cookies, so nothing is sent to any device you use to access the app. 

Uses and sharing

The Viewpoint Organisation does not share your information with any other organisation. The Viewpoint Organisation stores information you provide on behalf of you and the customer organisation. Only named staff in the licensed organisation have access to the information you provide.


You have a choice about whether or not to provide any information. Before entering any information, you have to consent to do so and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Once you have provided information, you are entitled to view the information you have provided. You will be able to view your information with your access details. You can request corrections to the information you have provided, or to have the information deleted. You should request this through your licensed organisation. The Viewpoint Organisation does not correct or delete any information unless requested by you through the licensed organisation.

Important information

The Viewpoint Organisation undertakes to comply with Privacy legislation and principles in the country of the licensed organisation. In addition, the Viewpoint Organisation will comply with licensed organisation Codes of Ethical Conduct that relate to confidentiality and privacy.

The Viewpoint Organisation has a Complaints Policy. Anyone using the services provided by the Viewpoint Organisation is entitled to make a complaint. You can contact the Viewpoint Helpdesk, use contact details on our website or use your contact person in the licensed organisation using the Viewpoint Organisation Services.

How to Contact us

If you have any questions about privacy of your information you can contact the Viewpoint Organisation Data Protection Officer, Rachel Hopkins or any of the above contacts.