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The Purpose of SELFIE:

SELFIE (Social and Emotional Learning for Improvements Elsewhere) has been developed to enable schools and councils' learning improvement teams to establish the links for all pupils, between their wellbeing and their attendance and learning. Data from this process is live as well as continuous and readily available to inform additional interventions and support where required.

SELFIE software, with its online ACASI questionnaires and reporting functionality, is designed to provide an accessible and secure child/computer interface as they participate by completing My Feelings and My Class ACASI questionnaires online.

SELFIE also includes reporting functionality available to teachers and the Learning Improvement Team to increase reliability of reporting and allowing teachers to see pupil progress over time individually and as subgroups.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do children and young people access the SELFIE questionnaires online?

A. They will access their online SELFIE questionnaires on any browser eg Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox by going to logging in using their unique login and password.

Q. How do teachers and other learning improvement professionals access the SELFIE Management Centre for admin and reporting?

A. The SELFIE database needs to be accessed through Internet Explorer only with PopUp blockers turned off at the local PC. NB all SELFIE reports are popup so this is essential. 

Q. The reports aren't appearing or you can't see the young people on the database?

A. Make sure you are accessing the SELFIE database through Internet Explorer.  Switch off your pop up blockers by going to Internet Explorer and then on the bar at the top click on Tools and then scroll down to pop up blockers and click to turn them off. 

Q. The reports or Viewpoint Analysis aren't appearing?

A. Check in your internet settings in your browser that Viewpoint has been added to your trusted sites, also add the full address to your compatability settings. The full address is