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Support for use of the myView app is provided by The Viewpoint Helpdesk which is contacted by emailing   Please email with details of the issue and quote the login ID that is being used.

The Viewpoint helpdesk provides 24 hour support in the management and use of Viewpoint applications. A response within 24 hours is guaranteed.

myView app Terms and Conditions

This app provides you with information which will be updated by the organisation managing your myView app. It also provides you with a way to share details about your current life experiences about any worries or concerns you may have. Before you share any information, you will be reminded about how this will be used so that you can agree to this.

If you send an email or a text message from the app you should be aware that the person these messages are sent to may not have access to them immediately. Their supervisor may also receive a copy of your email or text. When sending an email or text please be responsible and respectful.

In this app you can also add words and pictures about key events and people in your life. You must be willing to share this information with the organisation managing the app. The pictures should be your pictures, or you should have permission to use them. The organisation managing your app will have access to your words and pictures to see what you have added. Any images or words that could cause offence will be removed.

If you agree to these Terms and Conditions you will be asked to confirm by selecting the ACCEPT button on the page.

Removing Inapproriate Content

Inappropriate content includes but is not limited to: 

  • words or pictures that personally attack, humiliate or defame an individual
  • content that threatens, discriminates, harasses, menaces or causes offence
  • fake information about individuals
  • depictions of nudity, pornography or abuse
  • depictions of violencecontent that is illegal

Please report any content that you consider inappropriate and that should be removed to the Viewpoint myView administrator at You may be able to edit and remove content yourself but please also report this incident to the myView administrator as further action may be required.

If you cannot remove the inappropriate content, please notify the myView administrator and provide as much detail as possible about the content that should be removed so that action can be taken.